In edit provides editorial services to businesses, universities, publishers, charities, not-for-profit organizations, e-learning and other training providers, and individuals when writing for publication in hard copy or online – e.g. books, articles, reports, learning materials, website copy.


You communicate effectively with the reader when, as well as having sound content, the text is coherent, consistent, clear, accurately written and well presented.

Carried out with a thorough understanding of who your intended audience is and what you are trying to achieve, copyediting plays an important part in achieving this. Read about what makes writing effective.


Checking that what the reader has in front of them – on paper or on screen – allows them to focus on the content without being distracted by errors or omissions or unwanted additions – that’s proofreading. In other words, inconsistencies in spelling or grammar or punctuation have been eliminated, all the illustrations have been included and are in the right place, the text hasn’t gone awry in places, queries the copyeditor has raised with the author have been addressed. And so on.

Find out more about why it’s worth involving an editor and what copyediting and proofreading are.

Managing publications projects

You may not have the capacity or, currently, the expertise within your organization to see a project through from initial idea to publication. With substantial experience of leading the development of hard copy and online publications, we can manage this for you. Find out what’s involved.

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