Managing publications projects

You may have a project in mind but do not have the capacity or relevant experience in your organization to make it happen. These are the kinds of tasks that may be involved:

  • establishing needs – engaging with subject experts, people who would have an interest in the product – eg academics, professionals, policy-makers, the intended audience
  • scoping – working with a representative group to map out what topics the publication should include, the media for publication, how the content should be structured
  • identifying, approaching and recruiting suitable authors
  • script development – working with subject experts, script-writer and film director to develop treatments and scripts for films
  • steering the project – working with subject experts who provide critical feedback on the materials being developed
  • liaising with authors – channelling feedback on content; providing a house style for written materials and editorial guidance
  • piloting – arranging for people from the intended audience to provide critical feedback or, if appropriate, try the materials out
  • design – briefing and liaising with designers
  • copyediting and proofreading
  • marketing – writing copy for promotional material; identifying relevant individuals and organizations within the intended audience.