WB_WBAbout William Baginsky and In edit

I started trading as In edit in mid-2011. Most of the work I do myself – certainly all the editorial work – but ‘we’ on the home page isn’t entirely the ‘royal we’ and I do bring in specialists for tasks that are not my specialism – e.g. non-English subtitles and web design.


I have a variety of clients, including commercial publishers, not-for-profit organizations, charities, e-learning providers and individuals, most of whom, I’m delighted to say, have come back again and again.


The work too is varied: as well as copyediting and proofreading British and American books, and journal articles, research reports, model policies and training materials, I’ve reviewed and made recommendations about books in draft, reviewed and updated published resources, adapted hard copy training packs for use online, authored questions for students, project managed the development of CDs and DVDs, indexed, written a style guide, written website copy and quite a bit more besides.

Many of the jobs I work on are related to my earlier careers in education and as Head of Child Protection Publishing and Film at the NSPCC – a team working with academics and expert practitioners across agencies to develop and publish training programmes, films and leaflets for professionals who work with children and families.

Areas of specialism

Much of the work I do is related to the fields of education, child development, child protection and safeguarding, and other issues affecting children. But as you’ll see from the following far-from-complete list, overall it covers much more as well:

attachment, autism, autobiography, bereavement, child neglect, coaching, cyberbullying, dance, dementia, disability, domestic violence, early years, e-safety, care for the elderly, harmful sexual behaviour in young people, health, learning disability, literacy, marketing, mental health, mentoring, nursing, parenting, play, politics, public policy, sexual exploitation, social psychology, social work with adults and with children, suicide, special educational needs, therapeutic approaches with children.

I take pride in the work I do – I keep to deadlines, I aim for the highest quality and I always try to put myself in the place of the prospective reader so that the author can deal with any issues before publication.

Child Abuse Review

I have been Associate Editor for the Training Update in the Wiley journal Child Abuse Review since 2009.


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